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Zippy Burrow Popcorn Bucket

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If you have a small dog that likes to be challenged with puzzle toys, then this could just be the right dog toys for you – the range of burrows from ZippyPaws.

Burrows are essentially containers made from plush material that are stuffed with three smaller squeaky toys. The burrows are designed to challenge your pooch to find a way to remove the smaller squeaky toys. Think treat dispenser, but instead of food, the rewards are toys – and this dog game will not have a negative effect on your dog’s waistline.

Most experts agree that this type of mental stimulation is vital to your dog's overall well-being as it mimics behaviour patterns that dogs will practice if they lived in the wild. This is especially true for terriers and other small dogs that were originally bred to hunt and kill vermin.

Stuff the squeaky plush popcorn toys into the burrow. Squeeze the toy to make squeaking noises. Give the toy to your pup and watch them dig and scratch through the plush bucket to find and retrieve the popcorn..

1 Popcorn Bucket (20 x 13 x 13cm) and 3 Squeaky Popcorn Plush Toys


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