About Us

The Pet and Tack Shop's online Petcare offering has a philosophy which is based on strategic partnerships with industry leading brands, leveraging on founded studies in Health Nutrition, supporting a more effective lifestyle for your dearest pet family members.

1) We provide our clients with premium, innovative, healthy and well developed  Petcare solutions at competitive prices while conducting business with integrity and respect.

2) We provide a wide host of products offering professionally branded healthcare formulae, to help our customers make founded nutritious decisions for their pet families.

3) We aim to foster comfort and care opportunities to parents who provide best alternatives in enhancing family lifestyle.

4) We strive to continually deliver market leading, proven and functional products using methods and materials that are socially and environmentally responsible.

5) Our approach is to tailor our services to make your specific lifestyle requirements more convenient. We will generously accept and aim to innovatively meet your challenges. 

We want to be at the heart of all your pet care solutions.