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WUMA! Puppy Dog Food for All Dog Breeds

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A complete and fully balanced puppy food for all breeds and sizes. Contains all essential vitamins and minerals. Balanced omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. Contains glucosamine and chondroitin to promote cartilage formation for strong and healthy joints, which is essential for large and giant breeds. Developed and supported by a top animal nutritionist.

The daily feeding portions are approximated for growing puppies. Puppies should consume food portions in 20 minutes and the remaining food should be taken away after this time. Feed your puppy the recommended daily allowance in 3 – 4 portions for the first 3 months, and in 2 portions thereafter. Always ensure there is fresh water available for your puppy.

For puppies ideally from the ages of 3 weeks to 14 months but may be fed up to 21 months. May be fed to pregnant bitches in the last two weeks of pregnancy. Feed her 55 – 60 grams per 10 kilograms of bitch’s bodyweight.

  • 27% protein & 10% fat
  • With chicken & rice
  • Essential vitamins & minerals
  • Selected fibres for gastro-intestinal health & immunity
  • Contains glucosamine & chondroitin to promote cartilage formation for strong & healthy joints, essential for large & giant breeds
  • Contains anti-oxidants to boost immunity
  • Balanced omega 6:3 ratio for healthy skin & coat
  • Specifically formulated to meet the high nutrient requirements of puppies from 6 weeks to 14 months
  • Fat, energy & calcium levels are moderately restricted, making it suitable for large & giant puppy breeds
  • Contains insoluble mineral salts to line & protect the young & sensitive digestive tract
  • No artificial colourants or flavourants used
  • Does not contain any soya