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WUMA! Adult Dog Food for All Dog Breeds

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A complete and fully balanced dog food for all breeds and sizes. Contains all essential vitamins and minerals to ensure your adult dog’s health, vitality and condition is maintained in top form. Balanced omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. Developed and supported by a top animal nutritionist.

Ideally for adult, normally active dogs but may be fed from 6 months onwards, depending on breed.

  • 20% protein & 8% fat
  • Essential vitamins & minerals
  • Complete & fully balanced dog food
  • Contains anti-oxidants to boost immunity
  • Balanced omega 6:3 ratio for healthy skin & coat
  • Specifically for adult dogs with normal level of activity
  • With chicken for easy digestion & good taste
  • No artificial colourants or flavourants used
  • Does not contain any soya