Trust Leather Fulmer Horse Gag

Trust Leather Fulmer Horse Gag

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Every horse and rider has different needs and it is important to meet these needs because there is not one bit that all horses run well on. . Trust equestrian has a wide range of bits that can meet this need. Due to the wide choice of mouthpieces, jaw pieces and materials, Trust strives to have a suitable bit for every horse.

In the Trust equestrian collection, the leather bits are a striking appearance. The leather bit's core is comprised of reinforced nylon. The leather that is sewn around this core has been tanned naturally, without the use of chemicals. The saliva softens the leather bit, making it more comfortable for the horse. The flexibility of the bit, combined with the taste of the leather, makes it ideal for horses with sensitive mouths. To keep the leather bit supple, apply olive oil on a regular basis.


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