Sentry Calming Dog Collar

Sentry Calming Dog Collar

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The Sentry Calming Dog Collar is a great option for behaviour management that works within 30 days.  The pheremones that the the collar releases effectively treat behavioural problems in pets due to stress, anxiety and phobias. It also helps rescued or adopted dogs ease into their environment. The Sentry Calming Dog Collar is a safe option that removes the need for prescription medication with less long term side effects. It can be used for dogs of all ages and breeds. 

Adjust collar to fit around dog's neck by leaving space between the pet's neck and collar. Cut off excess portion of collar, leaving 5-7cm for extra adjustment. For growing puppies, regularly adjust the fit of the collar to make sure it's not too tight. For all dogs, monitor daily to ensure proper fit. Using good hygiene practice, wash hands with soap and water after placing collar on dog.  It is requested to refer to the package insert and product packaging for complete details before using the specific product. Please consult your vet prior to use for adequate and current recommended dose prescription.

Size: 58 cm

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