Purina Pro Plan Performance Extreme Adult Medium & Large Dogs 18KG

Purina Pro Plan Performance Extreme Adult Medium & Large Dogs 18KG

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The Purina Life Span study has shown that dogs can live a longer, healthier life by being fed in line with the feeding guideline and to their ideal body condition over a lifetime. Dental disease can be a common issue amongst adult dogs. PRO PLAN Adult contains Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus which are key nutrients for healthy bone and gum maintenance while the dry crunch, abrasive kibble texture helps limit tartar and plaque build up. PRO PLAN is made with quality ingredients that are processed to stringent standards to assist with optimal digestibility and facilitates high nutrient absorption.

Purina Pro Plan Performance Extreme Adult Medium & Large Dogs is a high-energy formula with concentrated nutrients to release that potential energy and help your dog perform to their best. It was created based on cutting-edge nutritional science. It has 32% protein and 30% fat, PRO PLAN Performance Extreme is especially designed to meet the high energy needs of professional working dogs who engage in rigorous physical activity. PRO PLAN Performance Extreme encourages muscle healing muscular fibres must be restored following intense activity in order to avoid injuries or a gradual loss of muscular mass. PRO PLAN Performance Extreme bolsters long-term well-being consuming a diet rich in high-quality protein encourages prolonged oxygen metabolism (VO2 Max).


  • 32% protein and 30% fat to deliver the high energy demands of professional dogs, working under extreme conditions.
  • Scientifically proven antioxidants to boost immune defence.
  • Healthy joints for mobility supported by Omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine.
  • Nutrition from high level of quality protein promotes oxygen metabolism (VO2 MAX) for increased endurance.
  • Concentrated nutrition to fuel metabolic needs and maintain lean muscle for dogs working under extreme conditions.
  • High performance nutrition that helps extend the career of working dogs and their quality of life.