Purina Pro Plan Kitten Starter

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Starter

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The Purina Life Span study has shown that kittens can live a longer, healthier life by being fed in line with the feeding guideline and to their ideal body condition over a lifetime. Dental disease can be a common issue amongst cats. PRO PLAN contains Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus which are key nutrients for healthy bone and gum maintenance while the dry crunch, abrasive kibble texture helps limit tartar and plaque build up. PRO PLAN is made with quality ingredients that are processed to stringent standards to assist with optimal digestibility and facilitates high nutrient absorption. 

PRO PLAN Kitten Starter supports kittens by providing them with the best start in life, containing colostrum to boost their immune defenses and high protein levels for their rapid growth. It is also suitable for gestating and lactating cats. After weaning, kittens face an immunity gap, which PRO PLAN Kitten Starter addresses with colostrum to bolster their immune system. With its high protein content, it meets the demanding nutritional requirements of growing kittens. Additionally, it caters to the increased energy needs of pregnant and nursing queens, supporting them throughout gestation, birthing, and lactation.


  • Colostrum nutrition for your kitten to develop a healthy immune system.
  • DHA, also found in mother’s milk, to support brain development
  • Supports healthy bones, teeth and muscle growth
  • Made with 43% protein to help meet kitten’s unique nutritional needs