Petmate See & Extend Soft Sided Carrier

Petmate See & Extend Soft Sided Carrier

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You and your pet will travel in style with a Petmate® Soft Sided Kennel Cab. Perfect for general or in-cabin airline travel. Features a two-door design for both top and front loading, mesh walls to promote healthy airflow, a convenient carrying handle, and comfortable shoulder strap. Made of a quality durable material with PVC backing. The exterior rear pocket allows you to bring all your pet's essentials. The removable pad has a removable cover that can be machine washed. Meets most in-cabin airline requirements*. Pet parents should always confirm the air travel requirements of the specific airline in advance of each trip.

*PRODUCT NOTE: Meets most in-cabin airline requirements. Airline restrictions may apply. Please contact your airline prior to booking a flight to ensure that Petmate Soft-Sided Kennel Cab pet carrier meets their specific requirements.


  • One size: 45,7cm L x 27,9cm W x 27,9cm H 
  • One size: Up to 6,8 kg

Product weight:

  • One size: 1,5 kg


  • Two doors design for top and front loading
  • Made of durable material with PVC backing
  • Ideal for in cabin airline or for general travel*