Pet Rebels Portland 92 Cat Tree

Pet Rebels Portland 92 Cat Tree

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Pet Rebels have developed an ideal Cat Tree for each type of Cat-personality. By taking a good look at your cat’s personality, it easier to find the correct Cat Tree for your cat. A cat tree keeps your furry friends active and reduces the risk of getting overweight. Possible joint problems are also reduced of your beloved pet. In addition, it makes it possible to move and stretch all muscle parts. Cat claws are kept strong and healthy and It saves furniture as your cat now has a place to mark its territory. 


A comfortable seat at the top, a relax sofa for cuddle opportunities halfway and a hiding tunnel at the bottom.

Colour: Grey


Size: 40 x 40 x 92 cm

Plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread.

Cuddle Tunnel: 20x20cm / height 40cm

Relax Board: 40x40cm / height 2cm

Top Sofa: 35x35cm / height 12cm

Relax Sofa: 20x40cm / height 10cm

 Please allow for up to 7to 12 days delivery due to size of product