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Pawise Green Replacement Mat (Only)

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Training a puppy? Pawise Green Trainer Replacement Mat with the separate tray ( not include) provides a convenient way to train your pet for both indoors and outdoors toileting.

  • Toilet training tool suitable for puppies, dogs that are new to living areas  or elderly dogs that find it difficult to access the outdoors
  • It can be conveniently almost anywhere it is needed. Simple 3 piece system - composed of a synthetic grass mat.
  • The drainage grid old separately keeps the grass mat above, and out of, the collected waste liquid
  • The design of the soft feel synthetic grass mat that is resistant to odour, allows urine to quickly pass through it and collect in the tray below,
  • Materials included in the mat are naturally antimicrobial and resistant to odour
  • Perfect for when your pet must stay inside

Size: 68 x 42 cm