Montego Monty & Me Adult Puppy Food

Montego Monty & Me Adult Puppy Food

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Monty & Me Adult is produced to a high quality and has been carefully formulated to provide your pal with a balanced, satisfying and digestible food at the most affordable price point yet. Wholegrains are not only satisfying; they provide all-day energy while keeping your doggy’s digestive system happy and healthy too. Optimum protein and fat levels not only make Monty & Me taste great and help keep your pal strong and in tip-top condition. Added calcium and phosphorous keep your little one's teeth healthy and developing bones sturdy. Essential nutrients, vitamins (including Vitamin E) and minerals provide your little pal with all the energy needed for play, strong muscles and a robust immune system. Insoluble fibres at just the right levels are just the thing to keep your puppy's digestive system scrubbed, regular, happy and healthy.


They’ll always look ready for show-day thanks to added essential fatty acids, which ensure healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.


An ideal blend of essential nutrients, vitamins and mineral levels provide your little buddy with all the energy needed for play and maintained health.