Mikki Shedding Comb for all Coats

Mikki Shedding Comb for all Coats

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The Mikki Shedding Comb has been carefully designed to remove dead hair from your pet during the shedding season.

If your pet has matts, use a Mikki Matt Splitter or Matt Breaker to help you cut through the tangles - this will be easier for you to do and easier for your pet.

Features & Benefits:

  • Different lengths of pins to help tease through knots and tangles and reach all dead hair
  • With new & improved ergonomic handle

Directions For Use:

* Stand your pet on a mat or newspaper to catch the loose hair or groom outdoors. Make sure both you and your pet are comfortable and relaxed before grooming to ensure you both enjoy it.
* Run the comb through your pet's coat applying no more pressure than you would brushing your own hair.
* A few minutes grooming each day will keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny. For best results, use your Mikki Comb with a Mikki Slicker Brush to remove dead hair.