Mikki Moult Master Ceramic

Mikki Moult Master Ceramic

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The Mikki Moult Master is designed with professional use in mind to save you time and energy. It is easy to use with a soft, ergonomic handle and strong, lightweight ceramic teeth for durability and comfort. The smaller head and ceramic teeth provide a smooth and precise groom, especially for smaller pets, leaving your pet well groomed in no time.

Always replace the Moult Master tooth guard when not in use to ensure no damage is done.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effortlessly removes dead hair from your pet’s coat
  • Made from ceramic providing a smoother and more gentle groom
  • Doesn’t cut live coat
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ideal for small dogs, cats and small animals

Directions for Use

Before using the Moult Master, ensure your pet's coat has had all large knots and tangles removed, is clean/washed and the coat is completely dry. It is best to use the Moult Master outdoors or in an easy to clean area.

With smooth, even strokes, applying a little pressure, move in the direction of the coat. The undercoat and dead hair will come out painlessly, giving an even glossed finish to the coat.

Do not over repeat the process in one area

Do not use on delicate areas such as ears, stomach or around the eyes or genitals

Always replace the Moult Master tooth guard when not in use.

Not to be used on wool coats i.e. Poodle, Puli and Bichon Frise

If your pet is moulting and your house shows the effects - use a Mikki Pet Hair Magnet to help restore your home to it's former glory!