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M-Pets Thebes Cat Litter Box

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The M-Pets Thebes Cat Litter Box is a closed litter box, and it comes with a handle, which makes it easy to carry, a lid that can simply unclip from the base of the litter box, and it also has a flap door that makes it easy for your cat to enter and to exit. The fact that it is closed also assists in keeping the environment from revolting odours. The box’s top cover is clipped to the base, so it is effortless to clean as you can simply unclip it, take the cover off and clean the litter box. This litter box also has air vents for excellent ventilation. The Large Thebes is suitable for large breed cats such as Maine Coons.

Size Small

Dimensions: 50 x 42,5 x 44,5 cm

Size Large

Dimensions: 62 x 53 x 56 cm