K&H Amazin Kitty Hooded Lounger Grey

K&H Amazin Kitty Hooded Lounger Grey

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We've taken the same great material from the dander catching K&H Amazin' Kitty pad and made this cat-pleasing hooded lounger. This affordable bed will be a huge hit with your fur babies.

The unique, super-soft polyester fibres attract hair and dander like a magnet, keeping your home hair free while the hooded feature gives cats a feeling of safety and comfort for hours of cosy lounging.

Size: 28cm x 33cm x 43cm 

Features & Benefits:

  • Cats are drawn to the K&H Amazin' Kitty lounger
  • K&H Amazin' fabric traps kitty dander and hair
  • Extremely economical
  • Matches any decor
  • Hooded for privacy