Hill's® Science Diet® Tuna & Carrot Canned Adult Food 79g  X 12 - Pet Mall

Hill's® Science Diet® Tuna & Carrot Canned Adult Cat Food 79g X 12

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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Healthy Cuisine Seared Tuna & Carrot Medley combines the delicious flavours of seared tuna and tender carrots in a mouth-watering sauce - the perfect balance of taste and nutrition for your cat.

Precise balance of key nutrients deliver the appropriate amount of energy to support ideal body weight in adult cats ages 1 - 6

High-quality protein for building lean muscles

Made with purposeful ingredients for a flavourful, nutritious meal

Clinically proven antioxidants, Vitamin C+E, for a healthy immune system

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Hill’s are confident your pet will enjoy Hill's™ Science Plan™ foods. So confident that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.*