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Ferplast Dog Lodge Dog Kennel

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Dog Lodge, Ferplast's latest outdoor dog house model, combines a rustic touch with a cosy, gracious style. The walls of Dog Lodge are made of premium Nordic pine, marked Tree Friend - obtained from forests managed in accordance with the principles of environmental sustainability. Its base and roof are made of solid thermoplastic resin, a material that is resistant to impact and to UV rays.

Dog Lodge is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Wood ensures excellent thermal insulation, while the plastic base and roof make the house more resistant to dirt and easier to clean. Perfect for any climate, this dog house is specifically treated to resist to all weather conditions.
Its ventilation system ensures excellent air circulation inside, preventing the formation of humidity to make sure your dog's house is always dry. The particular design of its base includes fissures to help water flow towards the outside.
The entrance door is placed on the side of the house, for extra protection from atmospheric agents. Its aluminium profiles were included to resist to your dog's bites.

Available accessories include Jolly, a cushion made of technical fabric, and a non-toxic, see-through plastic door you can use to cover the entrance, for additional protection for your dog in case of wind, rain or excessive cold. The Dog Lodge dog house door is structured like a curtain and comes with holes for fixation.

Small:       73 x 59 x h 53 cm   70

Medium:    88 x 72 x h 66 cm  90

Large:       111 x 84 x h 78,5 cm   110