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Ferplast Coccolo Soft Pet Bed

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A comfy little sofa made of soft eco-friendly fur for your cats and dogs, perfect for the winter season and for pets that feel the cold! Coccolo Soft has cosy padded sides and a removable internal cushion. The front part is lower, making it easier for your pet to get in and out of it. The Coccolo cushion comes in one colour and different sizes, to please all tastes. The two smaller sizes, Coccolo 50 and 60, are suitable for cats as well as for small dogs. Coccolo 80, the largest size, is comfortable for dogs and also for those lovable \large\ cats.


Medium:  55 x 50 x h 20 cm   60

Large:      78 x 56 x h 22 cm   80

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