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Outward Hound Floppyz Cow Toy

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Silly sounds equal more fun with the Outward Hound Floppyz Cow Dog Toy. Designed to make a hee-hawing donkey noise with every flop, shake or tugging movement, your pooch will delight in getting his new best friend to talk. And it’s made with a durable layer of material that creates a protective shield, so the fun will last longer than ever! The extra-large shape is perfect for dogs who prefer a bigger toy, and the flat design makes fun and floppy movements. It’s perfect for “ruff” and tumble play with your pup.

  • Makes a Hee-Hawing Sound When Your Dog Shakes It
  • Fun, Floppy Movement
  • Durable Lining Stands Up To Rough and Tough Play

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