BOYU Desk Aquarium with Lamp & Clock

BOYU Desk Aquarium with Lamp & Clock

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The Boyu Desk Aquarium is designed in a professional office style that flawlessly blends office work with a beautiful view. The blend of attractive components and functionality is effortless. The bottom filter system with its low noise, high effect pump effectively cleans the water while also nurturing healthy bacteria (nitrobacterial). The low voltage of 24V is both safe and energy efficient. The device includes an LED light, as well as an electronic display for date, time, and temperature, as well as a pen container.

Tank Size:  1.5L (292mm x 116mm x 128mm)

Filtration System Flow: 120l/h

Lighting System: 0.8W (LED)

Suitable for freshwater or tropical fish-keeping (heater not included)

Please consult with us prior to purchasing to ensure correct specification fit for purpose and for product availability for suitable application.